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Dr Charles Gauthier
Professor (Full)
Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

Phone: +1 450-687-5010 ext. 8886
CV (français)

Professor Charles Gauthier obtained his PhD in natural product chemistry at UQAC in 2008. Following postdoctoral internships at the Institut Pasteur (2009-2010) and the University of Oxford (2010-2011), he obtained in 2011 an academic position of Senior Lecturer at the University of Poitiers in France. In 2016, he accepted a position of Assistant Professor at the INRS, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2020 and reached the rank of Full Professor in 2023. Dr. Gauthier has published more than 50 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented his results at numerous scientific meetings. Professor Gauthier’s research program is funded by several granting agencies including the FRQNT, FRQS, NSERC, Pasteur Network, CIHR, and NIH.

Professional Appointments & Education

Full Professor, INRS, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada

Associate Professor
, INRS, Laval (Québec), Canada

Assistant Professor, INRS, Laval (Québec), Canada

Adjunct Professor, UQAC, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada

Senior Lecturer, Université de Poitiers, Poitiers, France

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford, UK, Prof. Benjamin G. Davis

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France, Dr Laurence Mulard

PhD Student, UQAC, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada (thesis)

MSc Student, UQAC, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada (thesis)

BSc Student, UQAC, Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada

Honors & Awards

FRQS Research Scholars Senior Career Award

RSC Advances
Oustanding Reviewer in 2021

RSC Advances
Outstanding Reviewer in 2020

FRQS Research Scholars Junior 2 Career Award

Prime d'encadrement doctoral et de recherche (PEDR, top 10% PI in France)

FQRNT Postdoctoral Fellowship

Bourse Emile-Roux Postdoctoral Fellowship

Vasant & Kusum Joshi Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fondation Canadienne Louis-Pasteur Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined)

Fondation de l'UQAC PhD Fellowship

FQRNT PhD Fellowship

Fondation de l'UQAC PhD Fellowship (declined)

First Prize Science for Laymen, Université du Québec Network

ACFAS Bernard-Belleau Award (link)

PAIR-UQAC PhD Fellowship

Abitibi-Consolidated MSc Fellowship

Gaston-L. Tremblay MSc Fellowship

Work Abroad MSc Fellowship

Professors of Chemistry BSc Fellowship

Fondation du Royaume BSc Fellowship

Provigo-Loblaws Leadership Fellowship

First Prize Science for Laymen, CEGEP de St-Félicien (Québec), Canada

Nominated for the Governor General's Academic Medal